Walk along the streets of New York City and you are immediately surrounded by amazing architecture – skyscrapers, high and low-rise apartment buildings, storefronts, landmarks and much more. It’s a feast for the eyes and there are few places like it.

The photographs in this portfolio represent a stylized view of New York City. I wanted to show that there’s a certain beauty and uniqueness in the shadows of fire escapes, the design and colors of buildings, and in the shapes of windows that people look out of and into every day.

These New York “Urbanscapes” were created by combining photographs of locations in the City with images of textures found on the sides of buildings, on the ground and in crumpled paper. The textures are digitally painted into the photographs with a pen to create a stylized image with a depth that would not otherwise be achievable in a traditional photographic process. The prints are made on textured archival paper and offered in a limited edition.

This series is also represented by Gallery 71 in New York City.