Cameras, lenses, printers, computers, etc. etc. They are the tools that we rely on to make our images. There are a lot of options available, from digital cameras to film cameras, from laptops to desktop computers. The choices are endless, but in the end it is the photographer who makes the images. Vision, composition, artistic aesthetic are as, if not more, important than the manufacturers we select to provide us with our tools. And that’s what we stress on this website.

Many of our followers ask us about the products that we use to make our images. This site refers to the software solutions that we prefer. As for camera equipment, most of today’s technologies will help you produce a decent if not great image. Reviews are worth reading, especially to learn about product features that may be important to you. But there are many reviews of cameras and lenses that imply that one camera/lens is better than the others. But “better” is a relative, if not personal term. Our belief is this:

“The best cameras and lenses are what you take with you and what you enjoy using!”

Mirrorless cameras are all the rage these days for many casual as well as professional photographers. Cameras made by Fujifilm (which we use), Sony (very popular for their full-frame offerings) and now Canon and Nikon (which have not used yet) are all popular. Our o would be to check the reviews on sites such as B&H and Amazon (links below). You may also want to hold and try out the cameras to ensure that you will be comfortable using them.

We purchase our equipment (cameras, printers, computers, etc.) and photographic supplies (papers, ink, etc.) at B&H Photo and Video, and Amazon. They have excellent prices and customer service, as well as generous return policies. In addition, their websites have product reviews by other photographers. Amazon is also great for purchasing photography books (in addition to just about anything else).