The Bow Bridge , Central Park, NYC

The Bow Bridge, Central Park, NYC


The Bow BriDge


The Bow Bridge is one the most amazing bridges in New York City’s Central Park. The image was captured to highlight the beauty of the bridge against the dark background in order to show its magnificent architecture.

This image is offered in two limited edition sizes:
Edition of 20: 18x27 inches
Edition of 20: 13x20 inches

The prints are made with a white border on archival paper to allow for the title, edition number, and artist signature.

For more information and pricing, please email us.

About the New York City Central Park Portfolio:

When I go to the park, which I do quite often, I am always amazed at both the activity and the peacefulness that happily coexist. I might take a walk or a run, but there’s also nothing like sitting on a bench and reading and/or people watching.

Central Park is also a refuge of sorts from the hustle and bustle of the City. And that’s what I decided to emphasize in this project. I wanted to show the calming mood of walkways devoid of crowds, the soft lights of the park’s lamp posts, people relaxing and engaging in other activities that make this a special place for New Yorkers and visitors from other locations around the country and the world.

I decided to focus on images of some of the park’s iconic locations in addition to random selections that caught my eye as I walked between those well-known sites. Included in the complete series are images of bridges, arches, statues, walkways under the evening light of lamp posts, people reading, exercising or relaxing on benches.