Article on Exposure X4 on Fujilove's Website

Readers of my October 2018 Fujilove Magazine article requested information on the workflow that I used to produce the moody black and white images of New York City’s Central Park.

I am pleased to announce that the step-by-step workflow can now be found on the Fujilove website. I am a big fan of Alien Skin’s Exposure X4 solution and I appreciated the opportunity to describe how I used it to make the images. Thanks to Fujilove for publishing it!

Click Here for the post on their website.

Curved Path,  Central Park, NYC

Curved Path, Central Park, NYC

Judging at the Armonk Art Show

I was pleased to be selected to judge the artwork at the well-known and very respected Armonk Art Show (#2 in the country!) in late September. The show was fantastic, with great art in a variety of categories, including photography, painting, mixed media and more.

It was difficult to select the works that garnered “first in show” as well as the first, second, third and honorable mention awards in each category, as there were so many great entries (over 180 artists were represented).

Thanks to the management of the show for allowing me to participate. It was a great experience!

Article in Fujilove Magazine

Thanks to Fujilove ( for including my article and images of Central Park, entitled “Moody Views” in the October issue of the magazine.

Fujilove Magazine is a wonderful publication that includes articles, images and information of interest to current and prospective Fujifilm camera owners. But the magazine will inspire photographers who have other equipment as well.

The Central Park portfolio on this website shows images from my article, but I’d encourage you to subscribe to the magazine as well - it’s a small monthly charge that helps the group at Fujilove continue to provide great content each and every month.

Inspired by Rothko

I recently exhibited a series of photographs at the Works Gallery in New York City, which were inspired by Mark Rothko, an artist whose work is well-known throughout the art world. The photographs in this portfolio are composites that make use of various techniques to merge components from other images. For example, for the "White Tree" I created a background in the style of Rothko and composited it with an "inverted" tree.

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White Tree

White Tree