Exposure X4

Photographers have been using the Alien Skin Exposure product for many years to simulate the look of film and darkroom processing techniques that were used to create black and white images.

Exposure X4, the latest release, is a complete post-processing workflow solution that does not require a monthly subscription to own. Its organizing and creative tools, responsive performance, raw file processing capabilities, easy to navigate user interface and an amazing set of features make this a great package for professional photographers and anyone else interested in creating beautiful images.

Steve Dreyer recently wrote an article, entitled “Moody Views” for the popular Fujilove Magazine that included images made with Exposure X4. He will also have a detailed workflow description on how he created those images in an upcoming online article for Fujilove. You can use those steps to try Exposure X4 on your own images.

We are pleased to announce that we can provide a discount code that can be used to purchase Alien Skin products. Just email us at and we’ll send it to you!